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Open source multi-language development environment for Windows

Note: Actually UniversalIDE is in beta and there is only an add-on for testing. I will start developing add-ons when I finish this site.

Note: Site is under construction!

UniversalIDE is an open source developing environment studied to be compatible with any programming language thanks to an add-on system. Anyone who know the .NET Framework can develop add-ons to support a programming language, implementing with sintax highlighting and interfacing the IDE with compilers or parsers. It also has a multi-language GUI. Actually the project is in beta.

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UniversalIDE Stable 1.0 is under construction! This is the development status:

  • [In development] Add-on online repository, and automatic add-on installation
  • [Planned] Better build log and error list managment
  • [Planned] Installer, portable version and automatic updates
  • [Planned] New settings system and settings dialog
  • [Planned] Code editor improvements

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