Free and open source add-on based development environment


As of July 2015, this project is no longer being developed. If you are interested in improving this program, and you need write access to the Git repository and to the other Sourceforge services (such as this website), please write me an email.

Contribute to the project

If you like the UniversalIDE project and you want to help it growing, you can follow some of these simple steps.

Easiest way to help

The easiest way to help the project is to share it over the internet. More people knows the project, more developers interested in add-ons developing and more people interested in translations will discover the project.

Bugs and suggestions

You can post here if you want to submit bugs you found or suggest new features.

What needs UniversalIDE


Without add-ons, the UniversalIDE's main engine is unusable. I (the UniversalIDE admin) will develop add-ons for the languages I know, but the more languages are supported and more the IDE becomes useful; so, if you are interested in add-ons developing, you are welcome. I will write a tutorial about developing soon; post here if you are interested.


UniversalIDE also needs translations. If you like the project and you want to translate it in your language, post here.