Free and open source add-on based development environment


As of July 2015, this project is no longer being developed. If you are interested in improving this program, and you need write access to the Git repository and to the other Sourceforge services (such as this website), please write me an email.


Latest version (

.exe, Installs UniversalIDE on your computer. Allows you to associate UniversalIDE project files (.uidp) with UniversalIDE and to add desktop and quick launch shortcuts.
.zip, Doesn't need installation, just unzip to a folder and run UniversalIDE.exe. Stores settings in the installation folder; can be put in a USB drive and be carried between more computers.
Source code
Browse the code online or clone it through Git (or download as zip archive). The Visual Studio solution has been made with VS Express for Windows Desktop; compatibility with other versions (especially older ones) isn't assured.

Older versions

See here to download older versions.